Victory Bear Flex-Tite insulation clips are quick, easy, and efficient to work with. They provide a finishing touch that is attractive as well as functional. They are designed to save labor in installation, and save energy once finished.

Victory Bear Flex-Tite
Victory Bear Flex-Tite System


Reduce Costs with Impact-Resistant PVC

Our Flex-Tite systems are designed to withstand the high impact of nail guns and power saws. This reduces waste caused by splitting, cracking and splintering – saving you money.

Convenient Fastening Area

Flex-Tite clip systems have an extended fastening leg for easy access with a nail gun, reducing installation time.

UL Tested

Class A material, tested by Underwriters Laboratories (UL 723 – test for surface burning characteristics of building materials). Flame spread is 0 and smoke developed equals 190.

Attractive Bright White Finish

Our Flex Tite systems are manufactured to an attractive white finish and do not require painting.

Energy-Efficient Design

Our Flex-Tite system seals tightly against the insulation board to reduce thermal loss at the seams.

Easy Installation

Flex-Tite clips have a two-piece design that allows for easy installation.