Victory Bear’s superior finish on its single and double chamfer products reduces labor costs and adds value to your projects. Victory Bear chamfers are manufactured from non-stick PVC — ideal for precast and tilt-up construction.

Victory Bear offers a wide variety of chamfer products. We have multiple varieties of single, double, and even chamfers with built-in drip edge for window and doors.

Victory Bear Double Chamfer
Victory Bear LC Single Chamfer
Victory Bear High Double Chamfer 2 x 3/4
Victory Bear Chamfer


100% PVC Reduces Costs

PVC virtually eliminates concrete pitting caused by wood-wicking. It also eliminates discoloration caused by wood sugars. It almost entirely eliminates the need for patching and grinding, saving you man-hours and subcontractor expenses.

Designed with Versatility in Mind

Whether you’re planning to glue, tape, or mechanically fasten your chamfers to the casting surface, Victory Bear has an option for you! Each Victory Bear double and single chamfer product is designed to conceal fasteners or adhesives so they leave no impression in your finished tilt-up or precast wall panel.

Coextruded for Maximum Performance

Many of Victory Bear’s double and single chamfer products have been designed with co-extruded rigid and flexible PVC for the best possible performance and value. The flexible PVC fins create an even better seal to eliminate the need for caulking, providing a labor-saving, crisp, clean finish in your concrete wall panel.

Patented “Flex-Edge Seal”

Our patented Flex-Edge Seal fits tightly against the casting surface, preventing concrete seepage while creating sharp, crisp lines.

Victory Bear Double Chamfer Installation