Our Bulkhead double chamfer has been designed for use with 3/4” form board or standard plywood, for a 40% to 60% lumber savings over a traditional 2x. Additionally, PVC provides a superior finish to wood forms, saving you time and labor costs after the walls are tilted up.

Victory Bear One-Piece Bulkhead
Victory Bear Bulkhead is now available in a One-Piece variety for easier gluing to the casting surface.


Victory Bear One-Piece Bulkhead
Reduce Your Forming Cost

Reduce labor and add value with Victory Bear’s superior finish.

Victory Bear Bulkhead allows you to use ¾ inch plywood, saving you material costs over 2x lumber.

Victory Bear One-Piece Bulkhead
Flex-Edge Seal

Our patented Flex-Edge Seal fits tightly against the casting surface, preventing concrete seepage while creating sharp, crisp lines.

Victory Bear One-Piece Bulkhead
Multiple Fastening Options

With Victory Bear Standard Series Bulkhead and Base Clip, all fasteners are hidden under the surface to prevent them from casting into the wall panel.

The One-Piece Bulkhead provides the added convenience of gluing the product directly to the slab.

Victory Bear One-Piece Bulkhead and Topside 1x3/4 Double Chamfer
The Victory Bear System

Victory Bear’s #767 and #725 Bulkhead Double Chamfer products pair perfectly with the #803 Topside Double Chamfer.