Victory Bear Standard Series Rustication
Victory Bear's Standard Series Rustication uses a Base Clip system to hide fasteners and leave a smooth finish.
Victory Bear One-Piece Series
Victory Bear's One-Piece Series Rustication is perfect for those who prefer using glue or adhesive tape to fasten their reveals.
Victory Bear Tri-Snap Rustication
Victory Bear's "Snap" Series Rustication snaps open and closed to hide fasteners. Can also be glued or taped.


Patented "Flex-Edge Seal"

Our Flex-Edge Seal fits tightly against the casting surface, preventing concrete seepage while creating sharp, crisp lines.

Versatile Design

Do you prefer to use glue? Adhesive tape? Mechanical fasteners? Whatever your choice, we have an option for you. Our Standard Series uses a unique Base Clip design to hide fasteners. Our “Snap” profiles, such as our triangular Tri-Snap Rustication, hide fasteners inside the reveal with their special design, or they can be taped or glued down. Our One-Piece series was designed for those who prefer to use glue or tape. You can even use magnets if you have steel precast beds.

Hidden Fastening System

With Victory Bear there are no finish blemishes from screw heads or excess glue. All screws and glue remnants are hidden under the surface for a sharp, glass-like finish.

100% PVC Reduces Costs

PVC virtually eliminates concrete pitting caused by wood-wicking. It also eliminates discoloration caused by wood sugars. It almost entirely eliminates the need for grinding and patching, saving you man hours or subcontractor expenses.

Watch the video below to see the advantages of PVC over wood reveals and chamfers.

The following video gives some tips for gluing down Victory Bear rustication and chamfer.