Victory Bear now offers a version of Saw Cut Cover designed for fitting into 1/16” saw cuts in addition to its popular standard Saw Cut Cover!

The Saw Cut Cover 1/16” applies the same coextruded concept as our standard product, but is specially designed for jobsites with extra narrow control joints in the slab.


  • Keep the Concrete Out – Victory Bear’s horizontal soft PVC fins seal against the casting surface, keeping concrete out of your control joints and eliminating the need to grind ridges out of your wall panels.
  • Keep the Saw Cut Cover In – The soft PVC fins on the Saw Cut Cover’s vertical leg allow it to conform to the interior of the saw cut joint. This ensures a snug fit that won’t pop out—a problem commonly seen with completely rigid varieties.
  • Stay in Control – Victory Bear’s rigid structure makes it much easier to handle and install than completely rigid varieties. Faster installation time = lower labor cost!
Victory Bear Saw Cut Cover 1/16"
Victory Bear Saw Cut Cover 1/16"


With the redesign of our #733 ½” Double Chamfer, ALL of Victory Bear’s Standard Series Bottom Double Chamfer profiles now feature flexible fins!

The soft PVC fins allow a superior seal against both the board and the slab, preventing concrete seepage and eliminating the costly and labor-intensive step of caulking the edges.

In addition, PVC’s smooth surface releases cleanly from the concrete, with no wood sugars or imperfections marring the surface of the finished wall panel.

The end result is a superior finish after the tilt—whether you’re attaching to the slab with glue, tape, or fasteners; or using dimensional or engineered lumber forms.

Double Chamfer Improved Design


Victory Bear’s new One-Piece Rustication for tilt-up and precast construction offers the same quality and performance that customers have come to expect from Victory Bear’s original rustication strips, with the added labor-saving benefit of one-piece installation.

  • New One-Piece DesignReduce installation time by skipping the base clip. Simply glue or use the optional adhesive tape to fasten to the casting surface.
  • Excellent Release from Concrete – Victory Bear’s PVC does not stick to concrete, unlike wood. Victory Bear’s flexible PVC edge seals help conform to surface irregularities, preventing concrete from seeping under the form.
  • Superior Finish – Wood rustication strips contain sugars that can discolor and blemish concrete surfaces. PVC releases cleanly to reveal a smooth, near-perfect finish.
  • Tough & Lightweight – Significantly lighter in weight than wood, making for easier handling. Easily cut with a miter or chop saw at the job site.
  • Save Time and Labor Costs! – The superior finish provided by Victory Bear rustication strips eliminates the need for costly patching and grinding after the panels are lifted.
Victory Bear One-Piece Series


Victory Bear’s 1.5″ x 3/4″ Tri-Snap product has been redesigned for improved performance.

Soft PVC sealing fins have been added to seal tightly against the casting surface, eliminating the need to caulk. The snap closure has also been hidden to leave a seamless impression in the concrete.

Victory Bear’s Snap Series is designed to enclose and hide fasteners. Can be screwed, glued, or taped to casting surface.

Victory Bear Tri-Snap Rustication