NEW! Tri-Snap Rustication

Victory Bear has redesigned its Tri-Snap Rustication! Our innovative snap closure for hiding fasteners is now easier to close than before, and the hinge has been concealed to prevent it from leaving a relief in the concrete wall. We’ve also added flexible fins for a greater seal- eliminating the need to caulk the edges.

Victory Bear Tri-Snap Rustication


Patented Flex Edge Seal

The rustication’s patented seal fits tightly against the casting surface, preventing concrete seepage. This gives a crisp, clean edge without pitting – and no grinding.

Cleans Up Easily

Victory Bear rustications are made of PVC, an ideal material for rustications because it releases from the concrete easily.

Better Looking

The Tri-Snap makes fasteners virtually invisible by eliminating marks in the finish left by nail heads.

Easy to install

Far fewer fasteners required than wood. Tri-Snaps can also be glued in place.