Lightweight PVC Form Board

Victory Bear is a manufacturer of innovative construction products, with deep roots in the tilt-up, pre-cast, and cast-in-place industries. Our products are designed to provide the builder with a superior finish and significant time and labor savings. We offer a full line of tilt-up, pre-cast, insulation, and masonry products.



Victory Bear’s Insulated Panel Cap was designed to help protect the insulation and cavity in sandwich panels from the possibility of moisture penetration.

  • Save Time and Money! – IPC eliminates the need for expensive sealing tape around panel edges and window and door openings.
  • Excellent Protection – IPC is made of durable, rigid PVC, providing maximum protection against moisture penetration.
  • Easy Installation – IPC simply attaches to the side rail prior to the pour.
  • Panel Storage – Panels can be stored outdoors and stay protected from the elements until ready for installation.


Victory Bear’s Universal Drip Edge uses a patented Flex Edge Seal and a PVC surface to provide a smooth and straight drip edge for doors, windows, and archways. It is scored to easily meet your size requirements, giving you maximum control and versatility.

  • New Improved Design!
  • Greater Versatility – Scored at 1” increments, easily allowing you to adjust the depth.
  • Patented “Flexible Edge Seal”.
  • Easy Installation


CALLING ALL PRECASTERS — Eliminate caulking on your metal casting beds with Victory Bear’s Magnetic Base Clip and Rustication system!

  • Save Time and Money – Our specially-designed magnets are reusable, and install quickly and easily with the special Base Clip. Victory Bear Rustications and Chamfers use a patented Flex Edge Seal, virtually eliminating the need to caulk while creating sharp, crisp lines. Without caulk, cleanup is easier than ever!
  • The Victory Bear System – Can be used with any size Victory Bear Rustication that uses the Base Clip system.
  • Easy Installation – Simply place the special Base Clip on the casting surface and secure with the magnets


Victory Bear’s 6-inch Round Corner provides a simple and easy way to give panel edges a unique and attractive appearance. With Victory Bear’s PVC system, it’s easy to create a look that is otherwise extremely difficult and expensive to achieve with wood forms.

  • Save Money! – PVC virtually eliminates concrete pitting caused by wood-wicking. It almost entirely eliminates the need for grinding and patching, saving you man-hours and subcontractor expenses.
  • Patented “Flexible Edge Seal”
  • Hidden Fastening System
  • Enhanced Appearance – Our innovative, reusable system is an easier alternative to achieving the same look with wood, and at a fraction of the cost!


Victory Bear is proud to introduce the new 45° Miter Corner System! This new system makes it simple and easy to create attractive miter panels. There is no longer a need for complex and expensive professional woodwork. Our simple bracket-and-chamfer system saves time and money–and creates the desired look every time!

  • 100% PVC Reduces Costs
  • Superior Design!
  • Save Time and Money – The Miter Corner System installs in just a few simple steps, saving time, labor, and material costs! It’s so simple, anyone can install!
  • Patented “Flexible Edge Seal”

Miter Corner Chamfer page coming soon!



Weather-Tite Flashing’s built-in end dam gives you added water protection, and its lighting-fast installation saves you time and labor costs!

  • Save Money! – Save time and money with easy installation and lower material costs.
  • Easy Installation – WTF is pre-sized to fit standard window and door depths, eliminating the need to measure and cut.
  • End Dam – WTF features an end dam to keep water from penetrating into the structure.
  • One-Piece Corner – WTF features one-piece corners to effectively block water that may seep through imperfect corner joints in and around windows and doors.
  • Self-Sealing – WTF is made of flexible plastic that forms a gasket around nail heads.