K-FORM: Save time and money with cast in place PVC concrete forms.

Victory Bear is proud to introduce K-FORM into the North American construction market. Proven by over ten years of use in the United Kingdom, K-FORM is a revolutionary all-in-one screed rail and concrete forming system.

K-FORM by Victory Bear is simple to use, making concrete formwork easy. K-FORM saves you time, labor, and money by allowing you to pour more concrete per day and finish the job faster.

K-FORM outperforms traditional steel and wood formwork in nearly every aspect of application and can be used in many locations (such as gas stations) where steel or wood formwork cannot.

Designed to be used with twin beams, Bunyan rollers or vibro strikes, K-FORM’s K135 and K85 cast in place formwork replaces steel and wood forms where control joints are needed.

Now, K-FORM is even simpler to use, thanks to the new optional Adjustable Cap!

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K-FORM Adjustable Cap

See videos of K-FORM in action:

K-FORM has many key features and benefits:

  • K-FORM stays in place so that adjoining bays can be poured simultaneously or in succession, greatly reducing pouring time.
  • K-FORM is 80% lighter than steel.
  • One person can install K-FORM, decreasing labor costs.
  • K-FORM has an integrated expansion joint.
  • K-FORM stays in the slab–no need for removal and clean-up.
  • K-FORM acts as its own screed rail.
  • K-FORM is pre-drilled for dowel insertion, and can also be used with plate dowels.