Insulated Panel Cap (IPC)

Let Victory Bear help you protect your insulated concrete panels!


When left unprotected, insulation and cavity are vulnerable to moisture penetration.


Victory Bear’s Insulated Panel Cap provides valuable protection with minimal effort.


IPC’s holes allow it to anchor securely into the concrete.

IPC protects the insulation board and adjacent wythes from moisture.

Victory Bear’s Insulated Panel Cap was designed to help protect the insulation and cavity in sandwich panels from the possibility of moisture penetration.

Watch the IPC installation video:


Reduces Your Forming Cost

Victory Bear Bulkhead allows you to use ¾ inch plywood, saving you material costs over 2x lumber.

Patented “Flexible Edge Seal”

Our patented Flexible Edge Seal fits tightly against the casting surface, preventing concrete seepage while creating sharp, crisp lines.

Hidden Fastening System

No finish blemishes from screw heads or excess glue. With Victory Bear Bulkhead, all screws and glue remnants are hidden under the surface for a sharp, glass-like finish.

Hidden Fastening System

Our Base Clip now comes with pre-punched holes to allow caulk-type glues to self-rivet for a better hold, keeping a true, straight line on your exterior panel seams.