Retamate: Film-Type Retarder for Concrete Joints

Victory Bear eliminates the need for sandblasting with Retamate–the easiest and most flexible way to treat concrete surface joints!

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Retamate was approved by USDOT for use on the joints of the US 93 Hoover Dam Bypass project.  Retamate can be used for decorative exposed aggregate surfaces.

Retamate is a film-type retarder for concrete made of PET film and coated with a polyester-based material. When Retamate contacts an unhardened concrete surface, it inhibits its hardening, allowing it to be washed off with pressurized water. The result is a surface with exposed aggregate that is perfect for concrete joints.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to Use – Retamate is not water-soluble, unlike conventional spray retarders. This makes it much easier to apply to vertical, slanting, and bottom surfaces.
  • Consistent Results – Retamate provides a uniform retarding effect and depth of etch. This eliminates the struggle and guesswork of achieving uniform results with conventional retarders.
  • Greater Control – Because it is a film, Retamate allows the contractor greater control of the retarding surface. Its retarding effects do not bleed beyond the desired area.
  • Greater Freedom – Most conventional retarders must be removed within 12 to 24 hours. Retamate can remain in place for up to two weeks after the pour. This allows greater freedom in
    construction scheduling for the contractor.
  • Weather-Resistant – Unlike spray retarders, Retamate will not wash away in the rain before the pour, eliminating the need to reapply on jobsites that experience inclement weather.

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