The Victory Bear Glue-Down System

Why use a glue-down system?

No holes
  • Perfect slabsin today’s tilt-up environment, more and more clients require clean slabs, free of blemishes such as patched holes. This is not possible with traditional tap-con screws, so more and more contractors are choosing alternatives such as adhesives to ensure blemish-free slabs.

  • Save time and labor – when using mechanical fasteners, installing rustication and chamfer forms can be a time-consuming process. Using an adhesive allows the contractor to install the forms quickly and easily. The time and labor savings translates to money saved.

What is the advantage of Victory Bear’s glue-down system?

  • The most amazing adhesive on the market Victory Bear is proud to provide F-26™, the premium grade, heavy-duty construction adhesive from Leech®. F-26's unmatched bond gives the contractor a worry-free installation.

Leech AdhesivesAfter extensive testing with several different adhesive brands and Victory Bear’s products, F-26 performed far better than the competition. F-26’s caulk-type adhesive creates an extremely strong bond when used in conjunction with Victory Bear Base Clips and Chamfers, and can be applied in any weather conditions, whereas most other adhesives require perfect conditions to install, and can provide unreliable adhesion.

Continue below for more information about Leech Adhesives F-26.

Victory Bear’s glue-down system components:

F-26TM Construction Adhesive

F-26TM is the the unbeatable construction adhesive from Leech

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F-26 Construction Adhesive

F-26 can be used with Victory Bear chamfers and rustications for the perfect glue-down system! F-26’s amazing bond and easy clean-up save the time and expense of patching holes left in your slab by fasteners. Its strength and versatility in any climate make it the perfect choice for gluing down Victory Bear rustications and chamfers!

Features & Benefits
  • Save Money! – F-26 reduces labor and material costs. It applies more easily and dries more quickly in any climate, while requiring less material for the job, and producing a stronger bond than any other construction adhesive of its kind on the market.
  • All Temperature, All Season Application – Get the job done despite extreme weather conditions. F-26 won’t ever get runny or stiff, so it’s easy to use in any weather.
  • Waterproof – Use F-26 anywhere that moisture is present without affecting the quality of the cured bond!
  • Easy Clean-up – Dried adhesive can be scraped up after the tilt, leaving your slab clean and free of blemishes!

Victory Bear Rustications and Chamfers

F-26 can be used with the following Victory Bear products for the perfect glue-down system:
Punched Base Clip
Victory Bear Base Clips and chamfers are punched at regular intervals, creating a rivet-like effect with F-26 to ensure a strong bond to the slab.

The unbeatable bond and easy cleanup of F-26 construction adhesive, along with the superior labor-saving finish of Victory Bear construction products combine to create the best glue-down system on the market!

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