Chamfers: For Precast and Tilt-up Construction

Victory Bear's superior finish reduces labor costs and adds value to your projects.

For a complete sales and data sheet of Single Chamfers, click here.

For a complete sales and data sheet of Double Chamfers, click here.

Victory Bear chamfers are available in a variety of sizes.

Victory Bear chamfers are manufactured from non-stick PVC -- ideal for pre-cast and tilt-up construction for supporting wood forms.

Features & Benefits

  • New Improved Design! - Victory Bear's 2 x 3/4" Double Chamfer has been redesigned with co-extruded rigid and flexible PVC for even better performance and value than before!
  • Reusable - PVC is reusable, paying off over and over again.
  • 100% PVC Reduces Costs - PVC virtually eliminates concrete pitting caused by wood-wicking. It also eliminates discoloration caused by wood sugars. It almost entirely eliminates the need for patching and grinding, saving you man-hours and subcontractor expenses.
  • Patented "Flex-Edge Seal" - Victory Bear's patented Flexible Edge Seal forms a tight seal against the casting surface, preventing concrete seepage while creating sharp, crisp lines.
  • Hidden Fastening System - With Victory Bear there are no finish blemishes from screw heads or excess glue. All screws and glue remnants are hidden under the surface for a sharp, glass-like finish.
  • Better Looking - PVC Chamfers' clean release creates a smooth finish.
  • Easy Storage - Chamfers are stackable for storage.

Victory Bear Chamfers are also available in the following varieties:

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